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Using modern nano technology to better convert solar energy

Our technology makes it possible to convert part of the solar energy usually lost by heat dissipation.

An unique processes protected by 10 worldwide patents.

What do we do

We develop innovative Technology

We have developed and patented a solar technology called Giant PhotoConversion (GPC). This breakthrough innovation increases yields thanks to nanotechnology and is compatible with current industrial production lines.

We own the intellectual property and provide licensing

Our unmatched performance and our Licensing revenue model reflects our ambition to accelerate the deployment of photovoltaics in France and Europe, its local industrialization and to participate in achieving our energy independence.

We are experienced research team

Segton AdT is a fully independent French company 100% owned by its partners and founders.

Benefits for your industry

Increasing the efficiency of solar panels can increase the return of investments into solar power plants and cover the increasing demand for sustainable energy.

It can also improve and even open new possibilities of other applications, where increasing the surface is simply not an option. 

What can you do

Fundamental research, theory, experimentation on test devices

1995 - 2013

Development of technological bricks on an industrial scale

2013 - 2019

Development of integration blocks, first integration into cells

2020 - 2021

Industrial prototype (module) and Industrial model (cell)

2022 - 2024

Licensing, partnership, pursuit of innovation


More efficient and profitable solar cells

We have designed and patented a breakthrough innovation in the field of solar energy that increases yields without increasing production costs

Segton panels.jpg

Compatible with current industrial standards

The process is compatible with current industrial standards based on silicon. Only two steps are added to the manufacturing chains and fabrication cost remains similar.

Manufacturing process 

GPC is an innovative low-energy carrier multiplication effect 

The yield boost comes from a specially designed material that activates a new electron multiplication mechanism where one photon releases multiple electrons. 

How does it work

Easily recyclable and without any rare-earth elements

A technology based on silicon  without adding new elements, fully leveraging a silicon nano-structure results in 100% recyclability.


Our technology dramatically improves
achievable yields of solar panels

The theoretical limit of current technologies (30% ) can be “boosted” as the theoretical limit of GPC is 60-65%.

Giant Photoconversion 

Giant Photoconversion (GPC)

Current technology

Supported by

SEGTON would like to thank the companies and institutes that support the development of the technology.

Our Partners

Join us at the journey for better green energy production

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